Geoffy G Diving Curacao

February 4th, 2011 | By

Besides climbing the Christoffel Mountain in Curacao, playing at the Benefit concert, quiz at the Renaissance Hotel and interviews at Dolfijn FM and Live Direct FM 92.1. Geoffy went diving in Curacao! Who could imagine this? An Afropean, Naija born artist who is afread of depths, hights and boot trips. Decide to dare his self to the max. He took a 4 days cours from PADI. And even completed the course in 3 days! See one of the first Nigerian diving at a maximal depth of 18 m.
Take your time and watch this wonderful video report from this event. Don’t forget to pass on this epic material!

Thanx to Porto Mari in Curacao and diving instructor Luis. The video coverage is done by Leticia from Turtle&Ray Productions.

Here’s some information about PADI:

PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors

PADI is the world’s leading scuba diving training organization.
With more than forty years experience, over 133,500 PADI Professionals and more than 6,000 dive shops and resorts worldwide, PADI training materials and services let you experience scuba diving from nearly anywhere.

Geoffy G MC New Years Eve

January 21st, 2011 | By

New Years Eve with Geoffy G and his crew in Bergen NH. A totally different evironment, music and vibes. Celebrating with mc Geoffy G, 2011. Here we go! Thanx Bergen crowd for the footage.


Benefit Concert Pampus Curacao

December 30th, 2010 | By

Curacao was hit by a tropical storm this year. It was a storm the Island had never seen since 50 years! To raise money and awareness, various artists were invited to contribute in a Benefit Concert. Geoffy is one of the artists contributing in this wonderful event. Although his contribution is short. It had a great impact on the crowd. He really represented his momma land Nigeria with this one.

Like Geoffy would say: ”Just Moving Mountains baby”.

Geoffy G at Life Direct FM 92.1 Curacao

December 29th, 2010 | By

Besides having fun and exploring the Island. Geoffy also went for promotion for his music. Dolfijn FM and Live Direct FM 92.1 are the radio stations he was invited for an interview. We got the footage from the interview at Live Direct FM 92.1 with host Chris Strick.


Geoffy G Climbing Christoffel Mountain

December 28th, 2010 | By

He claims to be the first Nigerian to climb the Christoffel Mountain in Curacao. Geoffy is very proud of this succes. Because he’s afraid of hights, diving and several animals. But in Curacao he overcame all his fears and elevated in doing great stuff.

The Christoffel Mountain, also known as Mt Christoffel or Mt St Christoffel, named after the explorer Christopher Columbus, is the highest point on Curaçao. The Christoffel Mountain is 375 meters (1,230 ft) high and lies in the reserved wildlife park, Curaçao Christoffelpark.

Enjoy Naija man Geoffy climbing the Christoffel Mountain!

Days in Curacao pt 2

December 28th, 2010 | By

Part two of the Curacao experience. See Geoffy enjoying naija artist Kelly Handsome, clifdiving. More clips to come with even Diving 18m deep! Yeah we’re not kidding. Geoffy could be the first Nigerian to dive. Keep checking for more Curacao experience!

Days in Curacao pt 1

December 28th, 2010 | By

November this year Geoffy G went to Curacao. To promote his music and to explore the Island. Here’s part one of some short clips Geoffy made for his Naija people. Before the release from his debute album ”Maintain Yourself” in Nigeria. Geoffy wanted to give an extra boost to the promotion going on in Naija. Curacao is the first Island that Naija born Geoffy visits. In 2011 the artist will head back to Nigeria for his release. But before that enjoy this video diary bout Curacao!

Interview Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

December 22nd, 2010 | By

A delegation from World Peace is Possible went for an interview at Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (World Radio Holland). For the show called ”Onderweg”. Geoffy G, Ron & Marieke Vink (Floyd Creative) were invited by host Bob van Beeten and Wendy Duivenvoorde for an interview, regarding the new single. ”We are One” – World Peace is Possible.

Here’s a short impression about the interview wich took place on Tuesday 21 December in Hilversum.

Video Credits Floyd Creative

Site Seeing Curacao

December 20th, 2010 | By

Geoffy and friends went to explore the view in Curacao. Watch these wonderful view and experience Curacao in a different way. The island is more than party and the beach.

Renaissance Hotel British Pub Quiz Curacao

December 20th, 2010 | By

Renaissance Hotel in Curacao is raising money. F&B manager Yvo van Dijk is in charge of the day. He invited serval friends to participate in a British Pub Quiz. The goal is to raise money for the victims of the tropical storm October, November 2010.

Watch this funny video featuring Geoffy G and friends. All for the good Cause. Helping out Curacao!

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